Free Vintage Christmas Cards: Here Come the Cats!

I’m a big cat lover, so that’s why you see images of cats popping up on Vintage Holiday Crafts. (Dog lovers, I also have some dog-theme Christmas card images for you.) Each of the vintage Christmas cards below feature cats or kittens and are beautiful examples of classic vintage art. There’s even one design that originally had texture on the card, which translated pretty well to digital form.

Click an image below to view and download a larger version:

vintage-Victorian-two-striped-brown-cats-basket-gold-border vintage-Christmas-card-two-striped-brown-cats-holly
vintage-Christmas-card-black-cat-little-girl-toys vintage-Victorian-Christmas-card-black-cat-little-girl-red-dress-Xmas-tree
vintage-Christmas-card-kittens-white-black-holly vintage-textured-Christmas-card-two-striped-cats-daisies-holly
vintage-Christmas-card-blue-vase-brown-white-cat-holly vintage-Christmas-cards-two-cats-mistletoe-bug-brown-border vintage-christmas-cards-holly-striped-brown-cat vintage-Christmas-card-kitten-red-ribbon
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13 Responses to “Free Vintage Christmas Cards: Here Come the Cats!”

  1. Very cute. I look forward to the dog cards!

  2. CUTE, cute , CUTE! I love the last Christmas card with the kitten sleeping.

  3. These Vintage Christmas Cat cards are fantastic!

  4. How do I order anything?

  5. Hi Sarah. There’s nothing to order; everything is free. If you want more images than are offered on the site or on the pages linked from the sidebar, however, click the Vintagerio ad for access to over 15,000 images for a low fee.

  6. Thanks for sharing these wonderful vintage Christmas cards!

  7. I cant fine any vintage frame. Can you help me, please?

  8. Hi, Sofia. There are some vintage labels on this page that have had areas in them cut out to make frames: Is that what you’re looking for?

  9. This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing!!

  10. You’re welcome, Dmitri. 🙂

  11. Thanks for those adorable cat images.

  12. I am impressed with your website offerings but I wondered if high resolution images are available? Thank You!

  13. Sorry, Philip! We’re pretty much what-you-see-is-what-you-get around here, so there are no higher resolution versions available.

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