Christmas Crafts: Free Vintage Greeting Cards

These Christmas greeting cards come from authentic vintage images and can also be used as Christmas clip art. Just click on the image of your choice to download the larger version.

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Please read our terms of use when using these images in crafts for sale or posting them to any blog, Web site, forum or social media site, either commercial or non-commercial. Thank you for your cooperation!

If the terms of use link in the sentence above doesn’t work, please click the one in the top left corner of the site. Thanks!

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20 Responses to “Christmas Crafts: Free Vintage Greeting Cards”

  1. your clip art is stunning! thank you so much for providing this amazing resource free of charge. I cant wait to make vintage Christmas cards for my family and friends using your designs.

    On another note, I seem to be having as problem with the link to free vintage birthday cards on your home page. It links to vintage victorian fruits and flowers rather than birthday cards.

    Many thanks,

  2. Thanks, Samantha, for letting me know about the link to the birthday cards. I was wondering why no one was going to that page! I’ll fix it right away. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the adorable downloads. Can’t wait to use them! Jan

  4. You’re welcome, Jan! Have fun with them. 🙂

  5. Marie Miller Says:

    Thank you, Thank you for the beautiful downloads. I decopauge them on clay flower pots to give as gifts and everyone loves them.

  6. You’re welcome, Marie. I’m glad to know the printed images can stand up to decoupage glue. I’ll bet the final products are beautiful!

  7. Can these images be used in small, home-based craft businesses, i.e. commercial purposes?

  8. Hi, Ashley. Yes, you can use them for commercial purposes on a limited basis. If you will be making more than 50 items with one image, we ask that you purchase a Vintagerio subscription. Please see the Terms of Use for details.

  9. I just found your free vintage clip art site tonight! THANK YOU s much for offering such magnificent images for free.. how kind and generous of you.
    I am looking SO forward to creating some vintage cards with your images.
    If I find that I use more than the allowable quantity..I will happily join vintagerio
    thanks a bunch!

  10. You’re welcome, Michelle. Have fun using the images!

  11. Thank you so much for letting us see and use your beautiful cards. I have family, mostly elderly, dotted around the country and Australia so I am always writing and sending cards at christmas, birthdays and various anniversaries, so I like to decorate the letters with different pictures, and yours are perfect. My family love these old pictures, thank you so much for sharing them.

  12. You’re very welcome, Sherry. I’m so glad you find the images useful.

  13. Thank you so much, Carla, for all your hard work in compiling such a vast resource of vintage images… it’s truly a labor of love! If my husband or son can ever figure out why our color computer isn’t “recognizing” the printer (or vice versa?), then I’d be able to create some lovely cards and tags with these lovely images! xoxo

  14. Holiday Crafts Says:

    Thanks, Pat! Good luck with your printer. 🙂

  15. Nancy G Bard Says:

    I absolutely LOVE your fantastic Vintage Christmas images. Your collection must have taken you a very long time to collect. They are all just breath taking! I will use them as gift tags and ornaments. The ornaments I plan on printing them on a heavier stock paper. Then back the individual scenes on a vintage gold looking poster board. then of course each one out and hang on our tree with red ribbon. I think the vintage scenes with our vintage style candle clips and candles will be just right.
    Thank you so very much!

  16. You’re very welcome. Merry Christmas!

  17. Hi Carla,
    I just want to add a wish of good health and happiness to you and your family. Happy New Year! I have copied the Terms of Use and saved for reference. I do not have a web site, but have started making personal Christmas cards in the manner mentioned above and will give credit to Vintage Holiday Crafts with pleasure.

  18. They are all just breath taking! I will use them as gift tags and ornaments. The ornaments I plan on printing them on a heavier stock paper.

  19. Thank you! I’m using this for a Girl Scout project.

  20. You are so gracious to share these with us. Thank you so much.

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