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This site was born because I could never find the free images I needed. As an artist and a crafter, I found that frustrating. Some of you have let me know that you found it frustrating as well. Vintage Holiday Crafts is an ongoing attempt to address that problem. Naturally, the world being what it is, along with the fun stuff there have to be some rules. But I’ve kept them pretty simple and many site visitors have told me they think they’re very fair. You’ll find all of them below.

Thanks for visiting Vintage Holiday Crafts!

Carla Chadwick


Use of Vintage Holiday Crafts images automatically indicates your acceptance of the following terms:

You may

  • use these images to create e-cards to send to individuals or a non-commercial list;
  • incorporate any of the images into craft projects, either for your own use or for sale, as long as no more than 5 images are used and no more than 50 products are produced;
  • print the images to use as personal greeting cards;
  • incorporate up to 5 images in newsletters or other print pieces;
  • use up to 5 low resolution images (you must reduce them so they aren’t at their original size) as clip art on any given page of a commercial or non-commercial site, blog, forum or discussion group as long as this link (or one with similar wording) is somewhere nearby to each image or group of images:

Image(s) courtesy

Please note that linking the image itself DOES NOT count; it must be a text link. Please download the image to your hard drive and then upload it to your site or blog; don’t use the image URL to post the image.

(Photo sharing sites like Photobucket and social networking sites like Facebook have different rules as described in the “You may not” section below.)

If you want to post more than five (5) images on a blog or Web site, you may post one screenshot containing as many images as you’d like, as long as it is accompanied by a link to, as indicated above. Doing that would exempt you from the rule below, but only as it pertains to Web use.

Use of the images for any other project(s) would require the paid license for extended use described below:

You may not

  • sell these images outright;
  • incorporate them as-is into scrapbook kits (they must be altered in some way and you must purchase the license mentioned above);
  • incorporate the altered images referred to in the previous line into commercial use or scrap-for-hire scrapbook images (they must be clearly marked for personal use only);
  • form them into a similar collection and give them away;
  • post them to Photobucket, Flickr or any other image sharing sites, unless this link is somewhere near EACH image: Image courtesy;
  • post them to MySpace, Facebook or any other social networking site, unless this link is somewhere near EACH image: Image courtesy;
  • produce 1,000 or more of any product that features our without paying an additional royalty fee. Please contact me using the e-mail address at the bottom of the page for a quote.

Please note, some people have violated these terms of use and couldn’t be reached to make modifications. So I had no choice but to file a claim with Google, which in turn forced them to demand removal of the images from those sites for copyright violations. Please don’t make me do that to you. It’s a huge waste of everyone’s time, particularly  mine. You’ll find these terms are quite flexible, so please honor them. And there may even be additional flexibility, based on your individual circumstances.

Feel free to contact Carla Chadwick at Carla [@] B2BContentSolutions [.com] if you have any questions or special requests.


If you would like to use up to 10 vintage images on either a commercial or non-commercial site, blog or other type of project, and/or you want to create between 51-1,000 of any product that features one of our images, please do the following:

1. Purchase a Vintage Holiday Crafts license via PayPal for $20:


Enter $20 as the amount once you click the button.

If you have problem with the button, you can send $20 through PayPal or Zelle to Carla [@] (remove spaces and brackets first). Alternatively, you can send me an email at the previous address saying you want the $20 clipart license and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

2. Provide a link to this site, using one of the links at the bottom of the page (If the art will be used in print and there isn’t a Web presence associated with the project, please provide this credit: “Vintage art courtesy”, or similar.)

If you would like to produce more than 1,000 of any product that features one of our images, please write to me at the e-mail address below for a quote.


Code to Put Our Button on Your Site or Blog

clip artYou can save the button on your left to your hard drive and upload it to your blog or you can use this code, which will center it in your sidebar:

<div style=”text-align: center;”><a title=”clip art” href=”” target=”_blank”><img style=”border: 0pt none;” src=”” alt=”free clip art” /></a></div>

If you don’t want the image centered, just remove the </<div style=”text-align: center;”> before the code and the </div> after the code.

How to Make a Text Link to Us

Here are some suggested text links you can copy and paste to use in blog posts or sidebars, or in Web site copy:

Link to Vintage Holiday Crafts

The phrases below link to this URL:

Vintage Clip Art

Clip Art

Vintage Greeting Cards

Link to the Free Clip Art Sourcebook

The phrases below link to this URL:

FREE Vintage Clip Art

FREE Clip Art

Free Clip Art Sourcebook

If you have a problem adding a link, feel free to write me by using the Contact page and I will help you.

These terms are subject to change at any time. Please visit this page for the latest version. This page was last altered on 5-15-2018.

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