Free Vintage Dog Art Christmas Cards

I think dogs used to be less popular than they are now, because it’s much easier to find vintage images of cats. But I did manage to find these nice examples of vintage dog art that span quite a few decades. My favorite is probably the one with Santa having to bribe a bulldog with a dog biscuit. It isn’t the highest quality of the bunch as far as artistic value goes. But I like the silliness of Santa having to beg a dog just to deliver his toys.

Update: Over time many people have told me how much they enjoy these dog Christmas cards, and animal holiday cards in general. If you fall into that group, you might enjoy the animal Christmas cards linked below the images. The vintage cards on that page include a lot of dog Christmas card images, plus cats, dogs and cats together, and even monkeys and frogs!

Click the vintage dog art below to view and download larger versions on some of the images (sizes vary):

vintage-Christmas-card-two-dogs-blue-fan vintage-Victorian-two-girls-dog-snow vintage-Christmas-card-two-dogs-playing-holly
vintage-Christmas-card-brown-puppy vintage-Christmas-card-brown-dog-white-dog-holly vintage-Christmas-card-Collie-dog-puppies-holly
vintage-Chrsitmas-card-white-brown-dog-little-boy vintage-Christmas-card-dog-camera vintage-Christmas-card-bulldog-Santa-Claus-children vintage-Christmas-card-Scotty-dog
Please let us know how you used these vintage dog Christmas images in craft or other projects by leaving a comment. You never know, what you write might just provide the inspiration someone needs to dream up a great project of their own.

We also have black and white animal clipart and more animal Christmas cards.

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  1. I love it!!!! Dogs are so cute! I love the idea that you are finding vintage Christmas Cards that have pups in them! Classic!

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