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Free Vintage Cat Clip Art

The Victorians loved their cats — especially when they were wearing clothes or otherwise acting like humans. Below are some great examples of vintage cat art from days gone by that can be used as clip art, avatars or in craft projects.

Click one of the vintage cats below to view and download a larger version (enlarged sizes vary):]


free vintage cat clip art two cats in lacy bonnets free vintage cat clip art white with pink rose
two vintage cats singing on crescent moon made of forget-me-nots vintage cat with red ribbon in womans shoes free vintage cat clip art court jester
vintage cat clip art three playful kittens under rug free vintage cats climbing on boxes free vintage clip art white persian cat White cat cigar label
vintage cat clipart cat teaching kittens with globe CAT-468 vintage cat art mother cat with kittens dressed with baby carriage
vintage cat clipart with monkey and thread spools vintage cat clip art making clothes for the children vintage cat clip art la amistad cigar label with three cats
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