Free Vintage Dog Clip Art

I love this collection of vintage dog clip art because some of the images are pretty silly. There’s something about dogs wearing clothes and smoking while doing activities usually reserved for people that cracks me up. But if your taste runs more toward the traditional, there also are some serious dogs here, and their equally serious human companions.

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Click a vintage dog clip art image below to view and download a larger version:

free vintage dog art two hobo dogs walking vintage dogs free clip art black spaniel smoking a pipe wearing a checkered hat free vintage clip art white dog wearing brown hat smoking a cigar vintage dog art bulldog smoking a cigar wearing a black hat
free vintage dog art hard fight hunting scene free vintage clip art American bulldog cigars label free vintage dog clip art st. humberto hunting scene
free vintage dog clip art dandy smoke dog with hat smoking pipe free vintage dog art st. bernard with woman free vintage dog art Hoyts cologne label child with dog

Free black and white animal clip art

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4 Responses to “Free Vintage Dog Clip Art”

  1. beautiful! Thank you very very much ! WOOF…Diane

  2. Greetings to you in Glendale, Diane. Glendale is my old stomping grounds! I lived there in the eighties. 🙂

  3. is it permissable to use the pic of the girl and the saint bernard on my website along with my treats?

  4. You may do so if you use it in a small size and give a link back to this site somewhere on your site. Please e-mail me at the address on this page if you have any questions:

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