Free Victorian Easter Decorations: Table Place Cards

If you’re planning an Easter gathering, why not surprise your guests with a Victorian theme? The Victorians loved Easter, because it featured things they loved and appreciated: flowers, Springtime, animals and elegance. Some things are timeless, so it’s completely appropriate that you borrow a little of that spirit for your Easter holiday.

Easter_place_cardsUsing the matching Easter place cards crafts project pictured to the right to dress up your table is easy. Just download either the Word document or PDF, print on either pastel or white card stock and cut on the orange dotted lines. Then, just fold each card in half and write your guests names on them, and you’ll have instant elegance.

Download here:

Word document


And if you want to continue the Victorian theme, why not make these easy Victorian Easter baskets that match the place cards and can be used as individual party favors, or make these vintage Easter cards?

Place card designs (c) copyright 2008 Vintage Holiday Crafts

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