Free Victorian Easter Basket Craft Template

Fl-460 If you’re planning on entertaining family and friends this Easter holiday, that celebration can be made extra special by making your own table decorations. These mini Victorian Easter basket party favors are easy to make but will give your table an elegant Victorian feel that will look like you spent a lot. This is also a project that the kids can do with you!

There are many ways you can use your Victorian Easter baskets: Provide one box for each guest as a party favor, use as centerpieces or side-table candy dishes, or give them as gifts to either adults or children.

Just fill the boxes with Easter grass and top it with candy, just like you would regular Easter baskets. You also could put little chicks and eggs you find in the craft store on top of the grass, or set a votive candle in a glass holder in the middle of the grass. Make sure you use a glass holder, so the wax doesn’t drip onto the grass and cause a fire.

You can make the boxes either with or without paper handles or wrapped in wide ribbon for an elegant effect. If you plan to use candles, DON’T attach paper handles to the baskets, as they could catch on fire.

The box templates below are specially designed to be simple to make. Here are the easy instructions:

Easter_box_1 1. Please read our TERMS OF USE and then download either the Word document or the PDF:

Box template in a Word document

Box template in a PDF

2. Print box onto heavy white or pastel-colored card stock.

TIP: The boxes look particularly lovely when glitter glue is used on them. To use it, apply several coats — working around the pictures so glitter doesn’t get on them — before you go to step 3. You might even want to try several layers of compatible colors of glitter glue to create a unique effect. I found that using glue with large chunks of glitter in it worked the best. Also, I’ve tried just about every brand of glitter glue on the market and have found Elmer’s 3D washable paint pens to be the best.

3. Cut around the edges of the template carefully with scissors, a craft knife or a paper cutter.

4. Fold the panels with the roses on them first, following the dotted lines. Crease the folds with a bone folder, burnisher or the side of a pen. (If you use the side of a pen, make sure to cover the creased area with a piece of paper so you don’t make any scrape marks.)

5. Fold the panels with the rabbits on them, following the instructions in number 3.

6. Pinch the corner pieces inward toward the center of the box and then crease them. Once they’re creased, put either regular glue or use a glue stick to coat the inside of the fold. If you use a glue stick, pinch the fold together for a moment to get it to stick. Or if you use regular glue, use paper clips to hold the folds in place until they dry. Once dry, these folds will help keep the box stable.

7. Glue the corner pieces to the sides to hold the box together.

8. You can make handles by cutting pieces of card stock about 1-inch wide by 10-12 inches long and gluing them in place. If you don’t want to use handles and you’re going to give the box as a gift, wrap a fancy ribbon around it and tie it in a bow. I used pale yellow see-through ribbon on boxes made with varying colors of glitter glue and the end result was very elegant.

Now all that’s left to do is to enjoy your Victorian Easter decorations. Have a wonderful holiday!

Box design (c) copyright 2008 Vintage Holiday Crafts

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  1. That’s great, I never thought about Victorian Handmade Baskets like that before.

  2. They’re simple but surprisingly beautiful if you use glitter glue on them and tie them with a gossamer ribbon.

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  5. “They’re simple but surprisingly beautiful if you use glitter glue on them and tie them with a gossamer ribbon.”
    What a wonderful idea. 🙂

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