Thanksgiving Crafts: Free Vintage Greeting Cards

There’s nothing like Thanksgiving to conjure up images of home and hearth. Vintage art is particularly good at doing that, as you’ll see from the free old fashioned Thanksgiving cards below. These images make great e-cards, dinner invitations, scrapbook images and can be used for a variety of Thanksgiving crafts.

To view and download larger versions of these free Thanksgiving vintage greeting cards, just click the images below:

Thanksgiving-turkey-little-girl-corn-clip-art Thanksgiving-turkey-American-eagle-postcard vintage-Thanksgiving-turkey-chickens-clipart
vintage-Thanksgiving-farm-harvest-postcard Victorian-Thanksgiving-harvest-bounty-house-farm-postcard vintage-Thanksgiving-corn-pastcard
vintage-Thanksgiving-boy-girl-dinner-card vintage-Thanksgiving-pilgrim-postcard vintage-Thanksgiving-turkey-pumpkin-postcard
Thanksgiving-hunter-turkey-vintage-card Victorian-Thanksgiving-turkeys-girl-postcard vintage-Thanksgiving-turkey-ornate-clipart Victorian-vintage-Thanksgiving-postcard
vintage-Thanksgiving-town-children-dog-postcard vintage-Thanksgiving-turkey-pumpkin-fruit-clipart vintage-Thanksgiving-woman-turkey-postcard vintage-Thanksgiving-harvest-turkey-postcard

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Also, view our Thanksgiving vintage postcards and contemporary Thanksgiving clip art.

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19 Responses to “Thanksgiving Crafts: Free Vintage Greeting Cards”

  1. Hi,

    First off, I absolutely love your site! I was on here the other day, and I could have sworn I saw a Vintage Thanksgiving postcard of a cowboy roping a turkey….but I’m unable to find it. Am I imagining this? Thanks!

  2. Sorry, Lindsay. That doesn’t ring a bell. Try clicking the Vintagerio ad in the sidebar and seeing what’s there. He might have what you’re referring to.

  3. I absolutely love this site!! Could you tell me how I would be able to download the above image of the little boy and the turkey? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thank You very much,

  4. Hi Tara. Just click on the image to produce a larger version and then save it to your hard drive. Unless that’s not what you were asking. If you meant something else, please leave another comment.

  5. I was wondering about the same thing Tara asked. In your title at the top of the page is the boy leading the turkey. Is this available?

  6. Sorry, Wanda, it’s not. It’s our logo, so we don’t give it away.

  7. It’s very cute. Thank you for the reply.

  8. Joyce Thatcher Says:

    Love this site! Stumbled across it and had so much fun looking! Will use some for my personal card making – thanks so much for creating this site!

  9. You’re quite welcome, Joyce. I’m glad you enjoy the images!

  10. I love your site. These images remind me of the cards my grandma would send out.
    Thanks for the memories.

  11. You’re quite welcome, Ardith. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  12. You have a wonderful site. LOVE the vintage postcards – thanks for the memories.

  13. You’re welcome, Gracie. 🙂

  14. This is a great site! I like to change pictures in my house with the seasons and your vintage clip art is perfect. I print the image on canvas, frame it and hang it up…it looks great in my home! Thanks!

  15. You’re welcome, and what a great idea! I’m delighted you found such a creative use for the images. 🙂

  16. I just love your site. It is so special to see the beautiful images. I decorated a card with one of your images for my 91 year old grandmother and she so enjoyed it. She shared a story with us which was so special because she has Alzheimer’s. Thank You so much!

  17. I’m delighted you were able to use one of the images for your grandmother’s card. Thank you for sharing that she enjoyed it and that it stimulated some story-telling for her. I’ve had other people tell me that the vintage images do that for people with Alzheimer’s and nothing could make me happier. 🙂

  18. Is there an easy way to resize and rotate the images to a half-page size? Thank you.

  19. You can try for enlarging but the results might not be that great. It’s hard to go up in size. But give it a try; it might work.

    You might try for rotating. I’m not sure of all their features but I know they’re like the old Picnic site, which offered image rotating.

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