Free Vintage Mother’s Day Clip Art

free vintage clip art mothers day litle boy and girl with pink rose bush I’m not sure there’s such a thing as vintage Mother’s Day clip art created exclusively for Mother’s Day, at least not that I’ve seen. But much like vintage birthday cards for women, it’s pretty easy to find images that will fill the bill. So I’ve chosen an assortment of floral vintage clip art, as well as images of women (their hands at least) and children. I even embellished one piece of flower clip art with the words “Happy Mother’s Day,” in case you absolutely have to have clip art that is just for this holiday.

I chose each of these free vintage clip art images for a reason. I couldn’t resist the turquoise boot, although I’m sure the Victorian woman who had to wear boots like that probably had chronically sore feet. I chose the various hands because of their elegance and how they symbolize Mom’s loving care without even showing all of her. I picked the children due to the adorable factor and because a mom obviously wouldn’t be a mom without children. And last but not least, I chose the flowers just because the colors make me happy.

I hope you’ll find a few favorites among these images and that you (and your mom) enjoy them in good health!

Read our TERMS OF USE, then click on the free vintage Mother’s Day clip art images below to see and download the full-size art (enlarged sizes vary):

free vintage clip art mothers day two little girls with pink roses free vintage clip art mothers day victorian boy and girl with heart wreath pink roses free vintage mothers day clipart little Victorian boy with flower cones free vintage mothers day clip art little girl with roses
free vintage clip art pink roses womans hand a token of love free vintage mothers day clip art womans hand with pink rose free vintage mothers day clip art memories and red peonies Victorian vintage mothers day clip art womans hand writing with feather quill
free vintage clip art motehrs day womans hand with single red rose free vintage clip art mothers day flowers constancy free vintage clip art mothers day little girl in hat with flower wreath free vintage mothers day clip art turquoise Victorian boot with yellow roses free vintage mothers day clip art sailor boy with forget me nots
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8 Responses to “Free Vintage Mother’s Day Clip Art”

  1. I really like your blog. My mother has passed on but I still enjoy looking at your cards.

  2. Hi, Shirley. Thanks for your kind words.

    My mom is gone, too, so Mother’s Day isn’t quite the same as it used to be.

  3. My mom died of breast cancer in 1998. She was only 62.
    She loved this kind of vintage art.
    Thanks for sharing. Now, I am sharing these with my daughter and 4+ grandchildren. :o)
    Have a lovely weekend !

  4. Hi, Kathy. My mom died at about the same age, so I know how hard it can be.

    I’m so glad to know that you’re sharing this art with your family! You have a great weekend too. 🙂

  5. Hi,

    I will be writing a post on mothers soon. I will be sure to link to your site. These are lovely.

  6. Thanks in advance for the link, Dee. That’s much appreciated!

  7. I really like your site. My mother is deceased, but I still like looking at your cards.

  8. Thanks, Zero. I’m glad you enjoy the cards. 🙂

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