Free Clip Art Sourcebook

Announcing the Free Clip Art Sourcebook: links to thousands of categorized free images, all in one place!

Free Clip Art SourcebookWhen I was a magazine art director about 100 years ago, we didn’t have electronic free clip art. That might seem incomprehensible to younger people, but we had to jump through all kinds of hoops just to get images onto the pages of a magazine. It involved X-Acto knives and sticky wax, which always seemed to be stuck to parts of me, instead of just to the back of the clip art.

I used to design a lot of small ads every month, many of which required some kind of artwork to make them stand out. That was when my love affair with clip art began. Many years later I created Vintage Holiday Crafts and started designing my own clip art because I couldn’t find the quality and type of clip art I wanted unless I paid for it. The same was true for scrapbook papers, which can cost a bundle if you buy them by the sheet at the craft store. I assumed other people had the same clip art sourcebook sample pages

But now I’ve developed a new problem: I have a lot of free contemporary and vintage clip art and scrapbook images. My solution was to compile it into the Free Clip Art Sourcebook, which links to free clip art and scrapbooking image resources squirreled away all over my little online world. The images are categorized alphabetically by subject and located in one document, so everything is easy to find.

The Free Clip Art Sourcebook doesn’t just link to free clip art and scrapbook images; it’s free to download too. So help yourself and have fun! Just click the blue button above.

You need the free Adobe Reader to view the Free Clip Art Sourcebook. You probably already have this software on your computer but if you need to download it, click here.

Please note that the images are subject to the Vintage Holiday Crafts terms of use.  Some vary in their restrictions, so please honor the terms on the page where you find art you want to use.

Please read our rules:
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