Free Vintage Clip Art: People Around the World

Although the free clip art images below that features people from around the world doesn’t represent every country and every ethnicity, the focus is more international than usually found in vintage art collections. That’s because most of this free vintage clip art comes from advertising or product labels.

It’s good to see that at least industry leaders knew they needed to reach out to people of different nationalities, even if the general populace of the time didn’t necessarily embrace that viewpoint. Having said that, the principle of inclusion may not have been in play when Rough on Rats put a Chinese man about to eat a mouse on its label. Let’s hope they were just kidding around.

Click a free vintage clip art image below to view and download a larger version (enlarged sizes vary):

free vintage clip art Chinese man Rough on Rats label vintage-African-American-man-drugstore-clipart free vintage clip art African American children fere vintage clip art Japanese woman
free vintage clip art Romanian men free vintage clip art Chinese man Clarks thread  and dog free vintage clip art Edwardian lady

free vintage clip art omar cigarettes ad

Man-Smoking-vintage-cigar-art free vintage clip art woman free vintage clipart queen of the wheel
free vintage clip-art-My-Favorite-cigar-label-man-and-grandchild free vintage clip art First American brand cigars Native American Indian vintage-African-American-man-cigar-clipart

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7 Responses to “Free Vintage Clip Art: People Around the World”

  1. How many hours have we wasted hoping to find great “scrap” (how could they call it such a thing?) Thank goodness for VHC — you have done all of the legwork and leave us with the painful decision of which ones do I get first?!!

  2. Your images are beautiful, it was an honor to use an image of yours on my blog.Seasonal blessings!

  3. Thanks, Tricia. 🙂

  4. Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

  5. Thanks for all vintage images you share. I really enjoy them!

  6. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these vintage pics from around the world!
    Thank you so much!

  7. You’re welcome! I’m glad you like them. 🙂

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