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Free Clip Art: Vintage-look Poker Hands

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em — and when to use ’em as clip art! This sepia-tone, vintage-look poker hands clip art isn’t really old; it just looks that way. These images are great for illustrating stories about poker or other cards games, especially if you want to create a historical feel.

To view and download larger versions of these vintage-look poker hands, just click the images below:


playing-cards-ace-king-sepia-tone-poker-clip-art playing-cards-royal-flush-sepia-tone-poker-clip-art poker-hands-playing-cards-pocket-queens-sepia-tone-clipart
playing-cards-ace-king-suited-sepia-tone-poker-clip-art poker-hand-playing-cards-full-house-sepia-tone-clipart poker-hands-playing-cards-pocket-kings-sepia-tone-clipart

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