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Christmas Crafts: 3D Holiday Cards

finished cardThree-dimensional holiday cards don’t have to cost a lot or even be a lot of work. This Christmas project is easy due to inexpensive 3D stickers you can get from a variety of sources. But don’t tell your friends who are going to receive the cards; they’re going to think you’re an artistic genius!

Here’s how to make your own 3D holiday cards:


Card stock
Card stock is sold with matching envelopes in packs of 10 or 12, or in boxes with larger quantities. You can use any size, but make sure your stickers look right in proportion to the card size. And if you’re going to mail the cards, make sure the size complies with U.S. Postal Service regulations.

Three-dimensional stickersYou’ll want to make sure you get 3D stickers for these cards. The effect would be lost with flat stickers. Stickers are available at art supply stores, variety stores (such as Target), dollar stores or online.elf_cardRubber stamps with holiday messages and rubber stamp pad or ink (optional)
There are a variety of pre-made stamps with holiday messages, or you could use a rotary stamp with letters that move so you can create your own messages. You could even print messages on your computer, which would give you even more flexibility.Bubble wrap for mailing (optional)


1. Make sure the card stock is evenly folded so the bottom edges match. If they don’t, refold it and crease it with your fingernail. If that looks sloppy, however, don’t use that card and move onto another one.

2. If you want to imprint a message inside the card, do so before you apply stickers. It looks best to center your message from side to side, and slightly above center from top to bottom. You can use a ruler to make sure the distance from the edge on each side is the same. There may be times, however, when it might look better for the sticker to be slightly off-center, either from side to side or top to bottom. Let your eye be the guide if that’s the case.

3. Select a sticker or a combination of stickers that look good together. If a sticker is small, consider pairing it with one or two more to create a design. Like the message inside, the sticker or sticker combination should sit centered from side to side, and slightly above center from top to bottom. If you want to include a stamped message under the stickers, be sure to allow room.Most stickers already have adhesive on them, so you won’t need glue. Be careful when you place the stickers; if you lay them down gently, you’ll be able to rearrange them until you get them into just the right spot. If you have a problem with the stickers getting stuck before you’re ready to position them, try placing a small piece of waxed paper on the back of the sticker. Once you’ve found the right position, you can remove the waxed paper and permanently adhere the sticker. When the stickers are where you want them, press hard to make sure they stay in place. If that doesn’t secure them properly, use a toothpick to carefully apply a drop or two of glue underneath to make sure everything stays put.

4. If you’re going to mail your cards, you’ll probably want to protect them with bubble wrap. Cut a piece of bubble wrap slightly smaller than your card, place it on top of the card and slide both pieces carefully into the envelope. This will ensure your card arrives looking as good as when you created it! For extra flair, use a colorful flat sticker on the back of the envelope to seal it.

NOTE: These holiday cards aren’t just for Christmas; you can make them for any occasion, including birthdays, christenings, etc.

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