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Free Vintage Christmas Clip Art Imagesfree vintage Christmas clip art -- little Victorian boy with presents

I love vintage Christmas clip art, and from my experience so do a lot of other people. These nine free vintage clip art images are particularly nice, in my opinion. Not only are they fine examples of authentic vintage Christmas art but they’re also large-sized, which means you can use them to make holiday greeting cards, scrapbooks or other print projects.

People who prefer a more religious or spiritual slant to their Christmas images should appreciate these, as their are several that depict the baby Jesus in the manger with angels. There are also angels by themselves; two of them even look like they’re delivering a Christmas tree. Speaking of Christmas trees, there is also an image of Victorian children playing with their toys beneath one and a woman carrying one in miniature. Together these form a nice collection that I’m sure you’ll find useful for Web sites, blogs, scrapbooking, crafts and handmade Christmas cards.

To see and download larger versions of the free images, just click on the images below (enlarged sizes vary)

free vintage Christmas angels dancing around pine tree free vintage Christmas images -- angel on frozen pine tree branch free vintage Christmas clip art -- Victorian children with Christmas tree and toys free vintage Christmas images -- woman carrying small pine tree
free vintage Christmas clipart -- angel with children and baby Jesus free vintage Christmas images -- angels baby Jesus free vintage Christmas angel images pink gown holly border free vintage Christmas images -- border snow scene

As I look at these illustrations, I have to wonder how many different artists are represented. If you look closely, the style of each image is a little different. When you think about how many vintage images are on this site or out on the Internet, they must represent a huge number of talented people. Unfortunately, these people go mostly unnoticed.

The same could probably be said for modern greeting card and clip art artists. They do what they do for pay, because the electric bill needs to be paid — no matter how talented they are. Some of today’s artists might even have huge portfolios of outstanding images, yet you’ll never know their names. So here’s to the unsung artists who enrich our lives silently every day. With any luck they enjoy their work and so will continue to give us images that will become the next millennium’s vintage art. And if you know artists who toil in obscurity, be sure to give them liberal praise. You just might be encouraging tomorrow’s masterpieces.

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