Free Vintage Christmas Cards: Cute Kids

Christmas is a time for children, so kids made obvious subjects for vintage Christmas cards. These little girls and boys are particularly cute, even if they do only represent a portion of the world’s population. From looking at these holiday cards (and the rest of my cards in my collection) you’d think that no other ethnicities existed before 1940. My apologies if you’re looking for something other than fair-skinned children. When it comes to vintage images, they’re hard to find. (UPDATE: I finally found an image of an African American child! She’s posted in the first row below.)

Click a vintage Christmas card below to view and download a larger version:

vintage-Christmas-black-cat-little-girl-mistletoe vintage-child-kewpie-red-santa-outfit1 vintage-girl-merry-christmas-tree vintage-christmas-greetings-two-children
vintage-Santa-children-train-holiday-card vintage-little-boy-airplane-Christmas-card vintage-Santa-lirttle-girl-dol-Christmas-cardl vintage-little-boy-Christmas-card


Christmas_holiday_card_vintage_little_boy vintage-Christmas-card-little-girl-blue-hood vintage-Dutch-girl-poinsettia-Christmas-card
vintage_Christmas_card_three_children_mistletoe vintage-little-boy-girl-sled-snow-Christmas-card vintage-three-children-Christmas-card
You can’t go wrong using images of children in your Christmas crafts and cards. Unless someone is an incredible Scrooge, the appeal of the innocence and youthful glee can’t help but touch the heart. I hope you find a lot of uses for these images! Feel free to leave a comment sharing how you used them, so other people can be inspired.
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Free vintage Christmas angels clip art

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32 Responses to “Free Vintage Christmas Cards: Cute Kids”

  1. I was going to comment on only having fair-skinned children, but you already said it. Is there a section on here with vintage children Christmas Cards around the world?

    Very sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish I had vintage Christmas images with children around the world, but I don’t. (It’s not for lack of trying.) There are some images featuring other ethnicities in the Halloween, paper dolls in vintage costumes and cigar label posts, though.

  3. What a wonderful happy site….Thank you It has brought back Christmas memories and wonderful thoughts

  4. With the economy the way it is and people are really skrimping, THANK YOU for sharing FREE clip art so people can make their own holiday crafts economically (for a change)!!!!

  5. You’re welcome, Sharon. I’m always delighted when people tell me they find the images helpful.

  6. I was wondering if some of these vintage cards actually talk about the reason for Christmas..being Jesus birth day..I would love to have some with a spiritual connotation…are there any? thankyoufor your great site..I wish I could get my puter let me click on them so I could print some! Merry Christmas to you! teri

  7. Hi Teri. There are surprisingly few images of that type, at least in the collection I purchased. But there is an image of Mary and Jesus on this page: vintage Christmas cards. There are also angels on this page: vintage angels.

    I’ll take a look through my collection one more time to see if I can find any spiritual images. If I can, I’ll post them. πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  8. Just wanted to say thanks as well for this great site! I am making Christmas Santa letters for my girls & these are the images that I was searching for! I wanted to include a nativity scene & you had one that’s perfect. Merry Christmas & God Bless!

  9. You’re welcome, Jennifer! I’m so glad you were able to find what you needed. Merry Christmas to you too.

  10. is there a way to get some of these downloads at a higher resolution?
    I really like crisper images for my art work, but I love some of your images – I haven’t seen them other places…
    thank you,

  11. Hi Pam. Click the Vintagerio ad in the sidebar to get higher resolution images.

  12. I love the boy on the airplane and the train, but the faces are so fuzzy…if you ever see a place where I can purchase the images…let me know!

  13. Click the Vintagerio ad in the sidebar to be taken to a site with lots of higher resolution images.

  14. Thank you SO much for sharing these beautiful images free of charge. Bright blessings to you and yours.
    With love

  15. You’re quite welcome, Nicola. Comments like yours make it all worthwhile. Have a wonderful holiday. πŸ™‚

  16. These are adorable and I can’t wait to use them for cards this Christmas

  17. Thanks, Barbara. I hope you have a good time using them. πŸ™‚

  18. I LOVE this site! Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.

  19. You’re welcome, Kristy. Happy holidays!

  20. Thanks so much! generous and awesome!

  21. You’re welcome, Margaret. πŸ™‚

  22. all the images are brill, thanks for such a large selection.

  23. You’re welcome, Dawnie. πŸ™‚

  24. Beautiful!!! Thank you so much!

  25. You’re welcome! πŸ™‚

  26. Thank you so much for sharing these! They match my scrapbooking style perfectly.

  27. You’re welcome, Shannon!

  28. Michael Scher Says:


    I really like the Extra! Extra! card, with the kewpie Santa child (top row, 2nd from left). I’d like to use it as a card this year, but I need a higher resolution version? Any idea where I might find it? I looked at Vintagerio but couldn’t find it… Can you help? Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful images; they’re great!

  29. Hi, Michael. Unfortunately, that’s the only version available. Sorry about that.

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  31. Carol Beckingham Says:

    I make journals for friends. Never sell them, but I do belong to a group that has videos of what we have created and swapped. You’re terms of use don’t seem to address such a situation. Can you clear that up for me? We always make mention and add the website where the images were found in the information of the youtube videos. Also, under those circumstances can I not altar the images but use them as they are? Is there a size constraint?
    A number of images I’m limited to for use? Thank you for taking the time to address my confusion. Have a great day.

  32. Hi, Carol. Thanks for your questions. As you might imagine, it’s been really hard to cover every use that people might have for the images.

    Technically the limit is five images and 50 copies, but we’ll allow you to use as many images as you want under the circumstances you described, because they’re for person use and people won’t be able to extract the images from the videos. Extraction is usually our primary concern–that one person will use an image and then another dozen can take it from that source and spread it all over with no credit back to us. But it doesn’t seem like that will be an issue here.

    Also, you can use the images as is and there isn’t a size constraint.

    I hope that clears things up!

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