Free Valentine’s Day Cards: Love Coupons

Valentines certificate_4 Are you long on heart and short on cash this Valentines Day? Or, do you already plan to give flowers, candy or jewelry but also want to give something more personal? Either way, these Valentine’s Day cards / love coupons can help you express your love perfectly.

Just print one of these free certificates on nice paper, sign it, and then place it in a wrapped box or fancy envelope. For extra impact, you could even frame it or put it in a certificate holder. No matter how you present it, this expression of love will go a long way toward giving your loved one the perfect gift — your heart.

All four of these free Valentine’s Day love coupons are available as Word documents. If you’d like to change the wording or the clip art, download the Word document of your choice and read the instructions below.

The Microsoft Word certificates below have been updated for Valentine’s Day 2013. (Disregard the dates in the images below. The documents have the correct year.) I’m having a problem updating the PDF versions, so those are no longer available.

Valentines certificate_1 Valentines certificate_2
Design 1 Design 2
Valentines certificate_3 Valentines certificate_4
Design 3 Design 4

Word documents (Updated for 2013)

These can also be opened in the Open Office software.

Want to customize your certificate?

To change the clip art, use the Easy Art Finder in the left sidebar of this site to find the image you want. Click on the existing art within the document, and click the Delete key on your keyboard. Then, add a new text box and insert your clip art into it. (For help working with text boxes and inserting pictures, consult the help menu in your version of Word or Open Office.)

To change the font, simply highlight the text you want to change and choose a new font that’s already installed on your computer. Please note that the text is in text boxes, which can also be moved by dragging them with your mouse. If you accidentally move one when changing the text, just drag it with your mouse back to where you want it.

Other free Valentine’s Day art:

Free Valentine’s Day love coupons © copyright

NOTE: These valentine certificates are for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed.

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  1. certificates need updating to 2011

  2. You’re right, Linda! Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

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