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free vintage children clip art little girl in pink dress with flowers It wasn’t until I posted all the free vintage children clip art images on this page that I realized all but one features flowers in some way. Once I noticed that, I looked at the rest of my vintage children clip art images and found that almost every one of them has some sort of floral theme. Apparently it used to be popular for children to sell flowers, because there are a disproportionate number of vintage clip art images in my collection that look like the kids are geared up to go out on the street and sell. You see one example of that in the image of the little boy selling violets.

There are also a disproportionate number of fair-skinned children. I included the one suitable African American children clip art image I had but as you can see, the image is presented quite differently than the others. No flowers, fancy clothes or elegant poses for those boys. You can clearly see the difference in racial perception that was so prevalent at the time these vintage clip art images were created. Not that there’s anything wrong with the image of the four boys; it’s cute. It’s just that it’s a grittier portrayal than found in the fair-skinned children clip art images.

Thankfully, today we see images of children of all colors together as equals in advertising and other forms of public imagery. That means the next generation of vintage art will more accurately reflect the fact that we live on a diverse planet.

Read our TERMS OF USE and then click on the images below to see and download larger versions of the free vintage children clip art (enlarged sizes vary):

free vintage children clip art girl in green dress and bow with flower basket free vintage children clip art little girl with pink roses crown free vintage children clip art -- little boy with letter and flowers on his back free vintage children clip art -- little boy and girl in antique car with flowers
free vintage little girl with green apron and flower basket on her back free vintage children clip art -- little girl in white gown with candy box flower bouquet free vintage children clip art -- boy and girl on a donkey with flowers free vintage clip art -- sailor boy with large flower basket
vintage children clip art -- little girl in green dress flower bouquet free vintage children clip art little boy selling violets free vintage nautical children clip art little boy with sailor outfit free vintage children clip art little girl in pink dress forget-me-nots
free vintage children clip art four african american boys vintage children clip art little girl in flower border with womans hand

Update: This post has been up for four months now and I have seen these images of children popping up all over the Internet on the blogs of creative people — mostly women — who do any number of crafts. Although it’s not surprising, it’s interesting to see how much these creative women resonate with images of children. I love children, too, and see myself as a crafty sort, so I feel like I have a lot in common with all these women I’ve never met.

When I actually cross paths with some of them who write to me to ask about particular images or permission for use, I find there are a lot of kind souls out there in the crafting community. That has been great for me, because I also run across a lot of people into making money online in other ways who aren’t so nice. Frankly, I find some of them a little hard to take.

I’ve always maintained that you can make money doing what you love. Granted, some of the people who make money online make a lot more money than I do. But I’ve tried a lot of those methods and they don’t work for me. What does work for me is to give value to other people and to also use my creativity. In short, I’m true to my nature. I did have to study quite a bit to understand how to incorporate my talent with online practices that would produce money. But no matter how much I learned or how many techniques I tried, I’ve always come back to the fact that I’m an artist and a writer and I need to honor that to succeed. Hence, the vast collection of clip art and scrapbooking resources you see on this site and in the pages linked from the sidebars. I hope you enjoy using these resources as much as I enjoy bringing them to you!

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6 Responses to “Free Vintage Children Clip Art”

  1. Martha Essaent Says:

    Congratulations on your great job! It’s the first time I visited your site…
    I need to Know what I have to do in order to have a clip art with children. I tried to print one of the images you have in your children-clip-art but the quality wasn’t good.
    Awaiting your kind reply
    Martha from beautiful Greece…

  2. Hi, Martha. The images on the site vary in size, which means they also vary in print quality. (That’s why they’re free.) The image you chose probably is lower resolution, which means it can only be used on the Web.

    You might try clicking the Vintagerio ad on the top right column to see what you can find there. Those images are generally higher resolution. Although it’s a paid site, there are free accounts available that will allow you to access at least some images for no cost.

    Best of luck!

  3. I think the images are wonderful and your terms generous and entirely reasonable. Thank you so much, you have saved me hours of searching.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Amanda! 🙂

  5. Omigosh I’m in clip art heaven!! Thank you so much for these lovely images. I only need one every now and again when I make a special greeting card for friends or family, and I love vintage images but sure didn’t know where to find them. Then I came across you here. I would happily pay for these but if you’re offering them for free, then I’ll just send my wishes for many blessings to come upon you for sharing. Thank you so much!

  6. You’re welcome, and thank you so much for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoy the images.

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