Free Vintage Fruit Crate Labels

December 23rd, 2008 Holiday Crafts Posted in Angels and Cherubs, Free Clip Art, Free Vintage Art, Men, Product Labels, Women 6 Comments »

What’s not to love about vintage fruit crate labels? They’re colorful and often whimsical, and were created to a much higher standard than they probably deserved, given that they were destined for the trash before having a new life on the Internet.

Another thing I like about them is that they’re ethnically diverse for the most part — and in a good way. Vintage cigar labels were often filled with negative interpretations of African Americans. But vintage fruit crate labels seem to be more egalitarian. As a result, you’ll see Latin Americans and African Americans presented in relatively positive contexts. Having said that, I know some people might rankle at the term “Aunty” being used along with the image of an African American woman, because that term was used during slavery. But if you remember the time these labels came from and how far we’ve come in the interim, it might be easier to appreciate that particular label for its artistic value.

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vintage labels fruit crates Paisano vintage fruit crate labels miracle Bradford Bros. vintage fruit crate labels Clown Brand Sparr Fruit Labels-391
vintage fruit crate label Tartan Brand Corona Foothill Lemon Company vintage product labels fruit crates Cupid Fillmore Citrus Association vintage fruit crate labels Aunty Brand Alturas-Garfield Citrus Cooperative vintage fruit crate labels Desert Harmony Arizona citrus fruits V.R. Harmon
vintage fruit crate stickers King Tut brand Johnston Fruit Company vintage clip art fruit crate label merry Christmas Santa Claus apples Stadelman fruit vintage stickers Kiltie brand Corona Foothill Lemon Company vintage labels fruit crate Tulip brand apples Perham Fruit Corporation
vintage fruit crate labels marshall sweet potatoes o.a. marshall vintage fruit crate labels butterfly pumpkin olney and floyd
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