Free Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Cards

Santa Claus of old had a tendency to be a bit more serious than he is today. And apparently he sometimes wore blue pants, or a blue or green coat (depending on the region, I presume), because that’s they way he’s depicted in some of the vintage Christmas cards below.

Click a vintage Christmas card image below to view and download a larger version (enlarged sizes vary):

victorian-vintage-santa-claus-pine-toys-snow-greeting-card vintage-santa-claus-christmas-tree-toys-holiday-cards santa-claus-chimney-vintage-holiday-cards vintage-santa-reindeer-toys-holly-christmas-cards
victorian-santa-claus-jewel-box-holiday-card VIC1347 father-christmas-green-coat-Christmas-tree-toys-greeting-card


victorian-santa-claus-house-snow-holly-Christmas-card vintage-santa-claus-clip-art-holly-snow vintage-little-girl-santa-claus-christmas-tree-toys-holiday-card

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