Free Vintage Halloween Cards: Pretty Women

January 20th, 2008 Holiday Crafts Posted in Free Greeting Cards, Free Holiday Clip Art, Free Vintage Art, Halloween, Victorian, Women 21 Comments »

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think men were in charge of designing these vintage Halloween cards, because each features a pretty woman! Some of the cards have hand-lettered type treatments, too, and are extraordinary examples of commercial calligraphy. Several also share a theme that seems to have died out over the years. Apparently there was a legend that said if you saw a man’s face in a mirror on Halloween, he was your true love. That belief was a little hard to sustain in the cold light of day, so that probably explains why you never hear it any more.

Click the vintage Halloween women below to view and download the larger versions:

vintage-Halloween-woman-long-hair-mirror-pumpkin-postcard vintage_Halloween-pumpkin-woman-black-cat vintage-Halloween-sexy-woman-pumpkin-black-cat-bat-card vintage-Halloween-moon-owl-broomstick
vintage-Halloween-woman-pumpkin vintage-Halloween-woman-blindfolded-pumpkin-mirror-card vintage-Halloween-woman-mirror-pumpkin vintage-Halloween-woman-fairies-postcard
vintage-Halloween-woman-nightmare-owl-black-cat-pumpkins-frogs-witch-card vintage-Halloween-woman-bats-broomstick-card vintage-Halloween-black-cat-woman-harvest-owl-card vintage-Halloween-woman-mirror-pumpkin-candle-clock-card
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