Free Vintage Kids Valentine Cards

I absolutely love these colorful vintage kids Valentine cards. They come from different eras but seem to be mostly from the mid-20th century.

Some of the expressions on these cards aren’t heard much these days. An example is the sock saying “‘Darn’ it.” People still say “darn it,” of course, just not in reference to sewing up holes in their socks. I’m sure many of the crafters who visit this site will know what darning is, but how many people actually darn their socks any more? Arcane references like that are part of what makes these cards charming. Also cute is the fact that the people who created these kids valentine cards had no fear of being corny, because the designs were aimed at children. So this is your opportunity to be as corny as you want this Valentine’s Day; just blame it on the art.

Click one of the free vintage kids Valentine cards below to view and download a larger version (enlarged sizes vary):

free vintage kids valentine card two teacups ruffle heart blue flowers free vintage kids valentines cards two fried eggs in pan free vintage valentine card two kids head over heels
free vintage valentine cards boy and girl free vintage valentine card red puppy blue bow free vintage valentine card boy and girl dont give me the brush-off
free vintage kids valentine cards lets strike up a match free vintage valentine card little girl painting car free vintage kids valentine card puppy with red heart card in mouth
free vintage kids valentine cards little boy bowling with heart bowling ball free vintage valentine card popcorn and red heart free vintage valentine card sock with red heart
Other free Valentine’s Day art:

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