Free Vintage Valentine Clip Art

These charming free vintage valentine clip art images feature the usual cherubs, vintage Valentine flowers and Valentine hearts, but their also are a few more unusual ones. There are a man and woman sitting in one of those paper moons that used to be so popular as photographic backdrops, a couple smoking, a clown, a train made out of flowers, lovebirds in a rosebush, a queen of hearts and a woman whose head seems to be encased in a net-covered heart!

Click one of the free vintage Valentine’s Day clip art images below to view and download a larger version (enlarged sizes vary):

free vintage cupid with red roses Valentines Day clip art free vintage cupid in tree with cherry blossoms bow and arrows free Victorian couple valentine clip art valentines day vintage clown clip art
vintage pretty woman with heart shape border and hat with netting vintage valentine clip art little girl in green with flowers free vintage valentines day clip art two cupids painting a red heart free valentines day clip art To My Valentine heart scale with pink roses
vintage Valentine clip art train made of flowers vintage Valentine clip art pink azaleas gold hearts green border vintage Valentine's Day clip art couple smoking
queen of hearts free valentines day clip art free vintage Valentines clip art doves red hearts pink flowers key wedding ring 2U02
Valentines Day clip art with lovebirds painting vintage-pink-cabbage-roses-clip-art1 My Valentine free vintage clip art with lovebirds and roses
Other free Valentine’s Day art:
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