Free Vintage Bird Pictures

I love bird pictures — almost as much as I love the birds themselves. The vintage bird pictures below are particularly wonderful because of the saturated colors and storybook quality. Birds are an eternal and universal theme, so I’m sure the images below will come in handy for craft projects. They would look particularly great in decoupaged works or as greeting cards.

Some of these vintage bird pictures contain birds that are easily recognizable, such as the eagle and the owl. The rest are harder to peg, unless you’re an avid birder. Some of these birds are so outrageously colorful and interestingly patterned, they seem like they might have been created by Dr. Seuss. But that’s not the case; all these bird pictures depict real species, interpreted through the minds and hearts of talented artists.

Click one of the free vintage bird pictures below to view and download a larger version (enlarged sizes vary):

vintage birds brown and blue birds 3438_12[1] 1521_3[1] 7c25_12[1]
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ANIMALS-179 BIRDS 46 a430_12[1] 1870_BoB_fasc_18_vol_3_pl_58_Carrion-Crow[1]
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