Free Printable Vintage Easter Bunnies Greeting Cards

These free vintage Easter cards featuring vintage Easter bunnies personify this wonderful spring holiday celebrated by millions. Easter is such a lovely time of year. It’s a religious holiday, but it also has a little something for everyone because it’s a celebration of Spring that brings children and adults together as family to share in the fun. Images of Easter bunnies are always a big part of that celebration, so we’ve compiled a great selection of them to share with you.

Read our TERMS OF USE and then click one of the free vintage Easter bunny greeting cards below to view and download a larger version (enlarged sizes vary):

free vintage printable greeting cards Easter bunnies with green Easter egg and pink flowers free vintage printable greeting card Easter bunny painting ornate easter egg free vintage easter bunnies overlooking sunset greeting card free printable greeting card Easter bunny carrying flower basket made of an Easter egg
free vintage Easter card with bunny and yellow baby chick free vintage Easter card little boy in sailor suit with white Easter bunny free vintage printable greeting card little girls dressed up as Easter bunny free vintage printable Easter bunnies sniffing a carrot
free vintage printable greeting card little boy with Easer bunnyand yellow baby chicks free vintage printable Easter bunnies with blue flowers and Easter egg free vintage Easter card three white bunnies in a basket

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18 Responses to “Free Printable Vintage Easter Bunnies Greeting Cards”

  1. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Thank you very much! I very much love Victorian style. I have enjoyed very much from your site. Once again thanks and happiness to you. Tania from Moscow

  3. Thanks, Tania! 🙂

  4. Amazing! I am an avid card maker and I have been looking and looking for vintage art at an affordable price. I cannot thank you enough for providing my favorite art for no cost!! I hope there is lots of blessings in your life for making this available.

    I am retired; on extremely low income and make most of my own gifts and cards. I spend only when I cannot otherwise find something to recycle.

    Again, thank you for providing this delightful art!!

  5. Sandy Huffman Says:

    These are just what I’ve been looking for!!!! Thanks so much.

  6. You’re welcome, Sandy!

  7. this site is fantastic !!!!!!!!! i came across it just playing around on my p.c. and boy i am glad i found it. i even put it under my favorites. i thought i was the only one that liked the vintage look. thanks and God Bless from new orleans will be back alot, friends, N.M.

  8. Holiday Crafts Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Nancie! It always makes my day when people say they like the site. 🙂

  9. Love the vintage cards. I always put them on a “card tree” and they look so pretty for each holiday. I can’t seem to print the vintage birthday cards. Do you know what I can do to print them? Thanks. Maxine

  10. Hi, Maxine. You might have gotten a bad page download or are having a browser-related problem. Check out the first two bullet points under #5 in this FAQ for some suggestions: (I know you’re not dealing with zip files here but the first two bullets apply to any image downloads.)

  11. Your Easter vintage card images are lovely. I was able to see that I copied and pasted one correcty onto a letter I was composing but when the delivered email was opened it did not appear!

    I’m hoping you are still checking these comments as this is currently being sent to you March 2012. Hope you can reply with a solution as soon as possible.

    thank you

  12. Unfortunately, I don’t know why it glitched. I imagine it has to do with the e-mail program. If the recipient didn’t see it, that might be because their settings strip out images for security reasons. You might want to check with these guys to see what they think, though; they provide free tech support:

  13. thank you. I’m going to first check if the email program has its settings block out the images.

    Have a great spring.


  15. These are gorgeous. I have favorited your site.

  16. Holiday Crafts Says:

    Thanks, Lisa! 🙂

  17. I volunteer at a nursing home, and I love to bring vintage cutouts for the residents to paste and make cards and decorations. They love these!! Thank you for sharing!

  18. You’re quite welcome, Linda! I’m delighted you’re putting them to such good use. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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