Free Vintage Pink Rose Scrapbook Paper

August 4th, 2009 Holiday Crafts Posted in Birthday, Craft Projects, Flowers, Free Clip Art, Free Vintage Art, Scrapbook Paper, Weddings and Bridal Showers 12 Comments »

pink vintage rose clip art Here are some old-timey-looking free vintage rose scrapbook papers and a coordinating stripe design that I hope you’ll enjoy using. The pink rose I used to create the designs (pictured at right) comes from Vintagerio, which has an insanely large collection of vintage roses and other flowers that I’ve featured on this site and some of the pages linked from the sidebars. By the way, if you click on the rose art to the right, you’ll find a lovely large-sized version you’re free to use.

Speaking of the the sidebars, you can see from looking at them that I’ve been playing with designing scrapbook papers for a while now. Creating them is the perfect hobby for me, since I love vintage art and clip art in general. Working on the designs has allowed me to justify spending hours looking at beautiful artwork and it’s definitely art therapy for me. I hope my therapy will benefit you as well when you make something pretty from these or my other vintage flower scrapbook papers!

Read our TERMS OF USE, then click on the images below to see and download larger versions of the free vintage rose scrapbook papers (enlarged sizes vary):

vintage flowers scrapbook paper pink roses vintage flowers scrapbook paper pink roses small vintage flowers scrapbook paper pink roses and stripes vintage scrapbook paper dusty pink stripes
By the way, these vintage roses reminded me of wallpaper I once had. In fact, a lot of paper craft designs could translate well to walls. I wonder how many scrapbook paper designers actually move onto designing wallpaper — and vice versa. The scale may be different but the principles are the same: a repeat pattern is usually involved and the colors have to be easy on the eyes. That second aspect is obviously more important with wallpaper. You can always shut a scrapbook and put it in a drawer so no one sees it. But once a paper design is applied in the form of paper designs for walls, it’s there until you go through some considerable work to take it down. No one wants to look at obnoxious walls for years on end! That puts some pressure on the artists but even more so on the homeowner. I always used to get so stressed out when picking out wallpaper designs. As a result nowadays I just stick to painting the walls and playing with scrapbook paper designs on my computer! There’s much less margin for error.
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